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In the apartment where I live, the laundry is done in the basement of the building. As I wash my clothes every Monday (to be alone) I always do unhurried. But one of those Mondays at money talks sex the new neighbor and I coincided on the elevator; he has 25 years like me, brown hair and blue eyes, he has a hot well-marked body. It bothered me a bit to see that also would wash his clothes, so I thought – money talks porn, so let’s get this going.

He turned to look at me very strangely, and that’s when I realized I had thought aloud. Just then the doors opened and I went as red mad with grief. But when I turned the washer frantically kiss me and we teared the clothes. I began to give fellatio of his life. Then he put his head between his legs and began to suck me and penetrate me with his tongue and I said. Make me yours, I’m your whore, I’m your bitch! Then he sat on the washing machine and told me – hop baby, to whom I replied bouncing up and down a pair of teen hotties consumed money talks sex, feeling his huge penis inside me as the vibrations of the washing intensified the feeling, until we orgasmed together in a vast world of pleasure…

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